Anticipation Guide- The Giver
by Lois Lowry

Read each statement below and decide if you agree or disagree with it. Then write a brief explanation why you agree or disagree. Click on Edit at the top right of this screen to add your response. Write your first name and last initial after your response. Click Save when you are finished.

1. History plays an important role in the growth of society.
I agree with this because without history we would not be able to fix our mistakes. Tay.B.
2. Memories of painful events have no impact on society.

Yes they do because once again we can learn from our mistakes.Tay.B.
3. It is possible to create a perfect society.

No, it is not possible to create a perfect society because there are no perfect people.Tay.B.

4. It is important to strive for perfection.
No, it is important to strive to be your best. Tay.B.

5. The world would be a much better place if everyone were the same.
In some ways yes and in others no. There would be no raical differences but then again you would not be able to be yourself. Tay. B.

6. Diversity is the root cause of world problems. Yes i agree that diversity is the root cause of world problems. When electing state officals and also just being tolerant of people in everyday life. Tay. B.

7. Without diversity the world would be dull. Yes everyone would be the same and no one would be able to shoe them true selves. Tay.B.

nasia is a logical solution.

10. Family is an important component of society.
Yes without your family it would be hard to be successful, you would have no one to teach you right from wrong the world would be very chaotic. Tay.B.